Principal Message

Nursing is truly a noble profession that demands hardwork, dedication and an extraordinary amount of compassion and selflessness. Its an immense pleasure that we Bapuji college of Nursing and Bapuji School of Nursing are dedicated to produce well trained nurses with excellent clinical and theoretical knowledge. Nurses are trained caregivers. According to World Health Organization there are 20.7 million nurses worldwide in 2020 and there is a global shortage of Nurses and 18 million more jobs are needed to be filled by 2030 inorder to meet the requirements of universal health care for everyone. As the shortage grows steeper and the healthcare landscape continues to change, nurses and their leader should be attentive to the trends that are changing the industry.

A wide-ranging career field, nursing is one that never has a dull moment on the job. The overall career field of nursing provides economic stability and job security,both highly attractive to nursing graduates. People study nursing for many reasons and often have differing goals for the resulting career that the field has plenty of job opportunities and comes with a great degree of respect and satisfaction. Nursing is about careing for other and there's nothing more noble in our world.

Nursing is a profession in which the threat of unemployment is very rare. The essential perquisite of any nursing actions is its scientific validity. Nurses are thus becoming increasingly rational and scientific in their approach to nursing care. It is the nurse who is in contact with the patients most of the time. Hence a desired trained nurse should have certain personality attributes such as, a degree of mental health to deal with seriously ill, thus common sense, practical bend of mind, calm, sympathetic , sensitivity with certain amount of toughness so as not to get involved emotionally, organising ability, power of observation, ability to take responsibility and at the same time be able to follow instructions.

-------Mrs. Kavitha S D

Prof. Mrs. Kavitha S D
Husband Name Mr. B Devaraj
Date of Birth 10/7/1981
Designation Principal
Education Qualification M.Sc Nursing, Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai
PhD Scholar, Registered in Vinayaka Mission Research Foundation, Salem
Designation Principal
Work History Nursing Tutor-
3 Year 6 Months, Chinai College of Nursing, Bommanahalli, Bangalore.
1 Year 6 Months, Bapuji School of Nursing, Shimoga
2 and Half Years, International University College of Arts and Science, Nirwana Academy, Malaysia.
June-2013 to Till Date, Bapuji School & College of Nursing, Shimoga
Contact Number 9886796566